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How I manage this website

How I manage this website

Sep 20, 2023

hey, i haven't used this blog much at all. i don't really have much i want to write is the thing. i'd rather just add to the megacollections.

that being said, this post was originally written on cohost. I thought it would fit here too.

Editor: Visual Studio Code

It's pretty good.

Static Site Generator: Eleventy

If you don't know: SSGs take in some files and spit out plain HTML/CSS/JS, ready to upload. They let you do things like use variables and reuse parts of your website without having to copy and paste. Eleventy installation is admittedly a bit more advanced than other options since it's just a Node.js package, but it was the simplest option for me to transition from manual. My primary templating language (what powers SSGs and what they turn into basic HTML) is Nunjucks, but some of my source files are also HTML and Markdown.

Host: Neocities

Good place.

Source Control/Autodeployment: Github

This is the actual reason I wanted to write this. I use a Github Action called Deploy to Neocities that lets me automatically and easily change my website without having to upload any files through the Web GUI or command line thing, or have to subscribe to Neocities for WebDAV.

Basically my process is this

  1. change what i need to change in my source file.
  2. use VSCode's git panel to commit and push to github without having to use the command line
  3. let Deploy to Neocities build the website and add them all to neocities

Bonus advantage

If neocities ever dies, I can easily move to any other host.

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