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How to fix WiiLink Kirby TV channel Error 370400

How to fix WiiLink Kirby TV channel Error 370400

Oct 29, 2023

Crosspost from Cohost

had this issue for a long time and finally fixed it thanks to the discord. but i don't want anyone else to have to stumble around since there's no article out there telling you how to fix it. so i'm making this post here and on my website and letting (and helping) SEO take the wheel.

i think whenever we find a fix for our problems in an obscure forum or discord we should post about it and make it more accessible from now on. helps decentralize information.

this error is caused seemingly by not installing the channel properly. per the wiilink guide, you may have gotten Error -1022 when installing the WAD and didn't uninstall. My fix (assuming knowledge of wiilink and wii wad patching):

  1. uninstall the channel
  2. redownload the patched kirby tv WAD from the WiiLink patcher and move it to the Wii SD card
  3. reinstall the wad. this time, make sure you uninstall and install the wad again if you get Error -1022.

I did this while reinstalling Photo Channel with the english version first and i got the error then, but not when installing kirby tv. i also used YAWMM ModMii Edition for installing the wad.

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