Kirby with headphones Megabundles

Games to try from the various megabundles.

A MegaCollection

Megabundles Included for this list: Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality, Indie Bundle for Palestinian Aid, Bundle for Ukraine, Queer Games Bundle 2022, Indie Bundle for Abortion Funds, Worthy of Better, Stronger Together for Reproductive Rights, Türkiye & Syria Earthquake Relief Mega Bundle, Games For Gaza, Palestinian Relief Bundle

Recommendations also sourced by other people. Use Bundle Browser to easily look through them all and add them to your library and Mitch for Android games. Or use the Bundle to Library script to add all the games. A game marked Android doesn't mean it's Android exclusive, just that the bundle purchase comes with the apk. Sometimes your bundle purchase might come with a Steam key, check the download page.

I encourage you to check these games out even if you don't have the bundle. They might also be on other platforms, or be free anyway, or even have Android/iOS versions that don't come with the bundle purchase. Please let me know of anything else I could add in the comments at the bottom.

Notable Games

Celeste Night in the Woods VVVVVV (Android) Super Hexagon (Android) Baba is You A Short Hike Mini Metro Nuclear Throne OneShot Octodad Octodad: Dadliest Catch Oxenfree SUPERHOT Minit Minit Fun Racer Pyre Cook, Serve, Delicious! 2!! Wandersong Runner3 Kingdom Two Crowns Hypnospace Outlaw


Action Platformers

Puzzle Platformers


Action RPGs


Action Puzzle


Shoot-em-ups and bullet hell



Experiences, Narratives, and Walking Sims



Homebrew ROMs

Games might also come with PC installers as an alternative to emulation or flashcarts.




Tabletop Games and RPGs




OSTs for Super Meat Boy!, The Binding of Isaac, Desktop Dungeons, Mixolumia, Grindstone, Slime-San Arcade Music, UNBEATABLE: DEMO TAPES (for [white label]), Wilmot's Warehouse.

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