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Where I host all the cool things I find on the internet

Disclaimer: I have not necessarily tried or do not use or play all things listed here. I just think they seem neat or interesting. I am not exactly an expert on the subjects below, but I have found a lot of things. ★ marks things I personally have played and recommend. Please let me know of anything else I could add in the comments at the bottom.

More temporal links and things are on the linklog (cohost).

Excellent Freeware List

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Favorite Net Media Megabundle Games

How all this happened After seeing various Neocities pages host a links page to various cool sites, and some pages like Neonaut's Freeware Games Page of Excellence listing cool games, I wanted one of my own and decided to add one to my website. It started to grow over time, I added more sections, and it grew into more or less this.

As for the Kits, when I started to get into Doom mods, I decided to organize everything I needed to play in a single folder. I then did this for other FPSes, partially inspired by seeing Something Awful's Early FPS Megathread. Eventually, I decided to add that to the site, as a way for others to easily get into this, as well as to highlight the cool stuff that's out there. Then I decided to expand the idea outward to other things that have a lot of community resources.


Freely avaliable games amd their many mods, and other things that have many community-made stuff

Wolfenstein 3D
Build Engine
Sonic Robo Blast 2
Sonic the Hedgehog
Steam Deck

Bonus Kits

ScummVM for old adventure games (Music Enhancement Project). DREAMM can be used as an alternative for some LucasArts games.

DOS: DOSBox, DOSBox ECE, DOSBox-X, PCem, D-Fend Reloaded (graphical frontend)

VirtualMIDISynth ★: Replaces the default Windows MIDI player and lets you play MIDIs with any soundfont. Roland SC-55 Music Packs ★: Native recordings of game music on the Roland SC-55, playable in any modern source port.

Also see the Freeware: Classic section for more.


(and Thief)

Something Awful's Early FPS Megathread What inspired me to do the Kits idea.
Sector Effectors (Trello) (Steam Curator) Guide to various FPS games and their source ports and mods.
Source Ports for Quake 2 Yamagi Quake II is mostly vanilla. KMQuake2 is limit-removing. vkQuake2 is modern. BONUS: 3.24 Unofficial Patch works for the Steam version.
Quake 3 Arena Stuff ioquake3 and Quake3e for source ports. The Unofficial Patch to fix some things. Flexible HUD to fix widescreen issues. Challenge ProMode Arena hosts its own modification and source port.
OldUnreal Non-profit community that hosts downloads for maps and mods for Unreal Gold and Tournament, as well as the OldUnreal patches to make them work on modern systems.
The Force Engine ★ Source port of the Jedi Engine (Star Wars: Dark Forces, Outlaws), based on and by the creator of DarkXL. (Extra levels) (More mods)
Dark Forces Community Patch Makes the game more accessible.
TFix (Mod DB) T2Fix (Mod DB) Modernizers for Thief 1/Gold and Thief 2.
DarkLoader AngelLoader (Alternate link) Mod and map loaders for the above. (Missions)
Tribes Universe Official downloads (free and legal) of all games in the series known for the Skiing movement tech.
PlayT1 TribesNEXT Tribes Revengeance Some fan patches for the above.
DXX-Rebirth Source ports for Descent 1 and 2.
InjectD3 Descent 3 patch.
Xash3D Open-source clone of Source Engine 1 (Half Life 1).
Hammer of Thyrion Source port for Hexen 2.
No One Lives Forever Free downloads of No One Lives Forever, No One Lives Forever 2, and Contract Jack with community patches.
No One Lives Forever 1 - Modernizer ( No One Lives Forever 2 - Modernizer ( Modernizers for the above. Community map packs for the multiplayer.

Also see the Mods section in Freeware.

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Interactive Fiction

Websites Interactive Fiction Database The Interactive Fiction Competition The People's Republic of Interactive Fiction Brass Lantern Zarf's Interactive Fiction
Stories The Zork Series The Fractured Fairy Tales Series 9:05 A Change in the Weather All Roads An Act of Murder Anchorhead Balances Being Andrew Plotkin Child's Play Christminster Counterfeit Monkey ★ Curses For a Change Galatea Heroes Jigsaw Lost Pig Photopia Rameses Shade Slouching Towards Bedlam Spider and Web The Act of Misdirection The Dreamhold ★ The Meteor, the Stone and a Long Glass of Sherbet The Weapon Varicella Vespers Aisle Lime Ergot
Gargoyle Interpreter that supports all IF formats.
Twine The modern IF tool.
Frotz Portable interpretor for Z-Machine games.
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Famous old game known for its level creator and being made by the founder of Epic Games

ClassicZoo ( ZZT fork that adds some improvements but maintains compatability.
The Reconstruction of ZZT Accurate rebuild of the original source code.
Zeta Emulator made for ZZT and Super ZZT.
Museum of ZZT ZZT world preservation.
ZZT Heaven Fansite with good resources.

Also see MegaZeux in freeware.

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Resources Emulation General Wiki Zophar's Domain FantasyAnime Guide Rom Codes Explanation r/emulation EmuVR PC-98 Emulation For Beginners (Alternate Guide)
Emulators RetroArch (Primary) ★ Ludo BizHawk OpenEmu (for macOS) MAME (Arcade) ★ Dolphin (Wii/GC) ★ PCSX2 (PS2) ★ melonDS (DSi) mGBA (GC/GBA Link with Dolphin) Fightcade (Various, online matchmaking with rollback netcode) ★ 3dSen (NES) ★ EKA2L1 (Symbian OS/Nokia N-Gage) Parallel Launcher (N64)
Frontends Launchbox EmulationStation Desktop Edition ★ Daijishō (Android, Github) ★
Romhacks SMW Central Metroid Construction Sonic Retro (Hacks Page) FF6 Hacking FantasyAnime Chrono Trigger Downloads Scyzer's Tank SA-1 Root Patcharobi
Romhack Websites Project M ★ Brawl Minus Super Smash Bros. Melee 64 20XX Tournament Edition CTGP Revolution ★ CTGP Nitro CTGP-7 Project Restoration Newer Team RainbowDevs The MOTHER 3 Fan Translation ★ Mother International All-in-one Translation Patcher Sonic 3D Blast Director's Cut Sonic 3 Complete Sonic 3 & Knuckles - Battle Race Ocarina of Time Practice ROM Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo New Legacy (Arcade) Street Fighter 2 Mix (Arcade) Street Fighter Zero 3 Mix (Arcade) Super Metroid: Redesign Hyper Metroid Project Base Castlevania II: Simon's Quest: Redaction Mortal Kombat + Super Mario Starshine
Randomizers The Game Randomizer Site The Link to the Past Randomizer Super Metroid and A Link to the Past Crossover Randomizer Super Metroid VARIA Final Fantasy 4: Free Enterprise Universal Pokemon Randomizer Paper Mario Randomizer
Homebrew Homebrew Legends Vintage Is The New Old PDRoms GBADEV Planet Virtual Boy AtariAge SMS Power Lemon Amiga RetroSouls Free MAME ROMs Llamasoft Archive World of Spectrum MSXdev MSX Resource Center GB Studio NESmaker
Homebrew Games The Return of Traxtor (Amstrad CPC) Night Knight (MSX) Uchūsen Gamma (MSX) Mutants From The Deep (MSX) Halo 2600 (Atari 2600) D-Pad Hero (NES) MazezaM (GB) Into the Blue (GB) Retroid (GB) Streemerz (NES) Anguna (DS, GBA) Blast Arena Advance (GBA) ★ Vulkanon (GBA) BulletGBA (GBA) Apotris (GBA) Lemmings Project (DS) Tanglewood (Genesis/Mega Drive) ★ Xump 2 (Genesis/Mega Drive, Lynx) Super Boss Gaiden (SNES, Nintendo Playstation) Secret Collect (Atari 2600)
WebMSX Javatari Browser-based emulators.
Mouse Injector Works on multiple emulators.
Cannonball (Github) Modernized game engine for the arcade version of Outrun.
Sonic 2 Community's Cut Combined romhack of Sonic 2 and mod of Genesis Plus GX.
Project+ Community made Project M continuation. Downloads have preconfigured Dolphin packs.
PrimeHack (Updater) Dolphin fork for Metroid Prime Trilogy with mouselook.
Slippi Smash Melee with rollback netcode, replays, and matchmaking.
Extreme Gear Labs Home of Sonic Riders DX and Sonic Riders Regravitified. Sonic Riders (and Zero Gravity) made into eSports.
Sonic Riders Tournament Edition Other Sonic Riders competitive mod.
Kirby Air Ride Netplay Not just online. The game has been hacked to add more features, too.
Tango Mega Man Battle Network 6 and rollback netcode.
RetroAchievements Achievement and leaderboards system for old games.
CheevoHunter Game progress completion tracker for RetroAchievements.
Unofficial Net Yaroze Europe Archive Site about PS1's Net Yaroze.
NES Party SNES Party NES and SNES with friends in the browser.
Telemelt Experimental NES multiplayer browser emulator.
TeknoParrot (More info) Run PC-based arcade hardware natively.
webЯcade WebAssembly browser-based frontend and emulator.
Real-Time Corruptor Custom emulators that corrupt games.
Glitch Attack Complete challenges while the game is modded, in board game form.
AmigaVision Launcher and preconfig for Amiga games and demos. Can also install to MiSTer and real hardware.
C64 Dreams Curated collection of Commodore 64 games, demos, tracks, and diskmags.
UberNES NES emulator with online leaderboards and live NES games as screensavers.
Multibowl (Info) Competitive WarioWare but with actual games running in MAME.
Wabbitemu jsTIfied TiEmu TilEm Texas Instruments graphing calculator emulators. Requires original ROMs.
The UNIVERSE BIOS Alternate BIOS ROM for SNK MVS/AES for ease region and mode switching, among other features.

Some homebrew sourced from this. (Gemini link) Also from rabidrodent's list. also hosts a lot of homebrew.

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