2 Jan, 2021

This is me writing out a series of patterns that I observed when Among Us rose in popularity and fitting them together. This is how a flash game made one of the biggest games of 2020.

Henry Stickman

The Henry Stickman series are 6 pretty fun Flash choose-your-own-adventure Newgrounds games about selecting an option to progress the story, or failing and seeing what funny thing happens. I played them as a kid. They also got rereleased on Steam. The important thing is that Innersloth, the people who made Among Us, also made Henry Stickman. Note that the remaster was released on 7 Aug (2020).

The Distraction Dance Tiktok meme

Just look at this Know Your Meme article for more. And yes, I did remember seeing this around on Tiktok (though KYM also mentions Youtube and Twitter examples) a little after the Henry Stickman Collection release.

Among Us Search Trends

This is my final bullet. Look at this trend. Verify it yourself. This proves that the Henry Stickman Collection is what made Among Us blow up. People bought the collection, looked through their other stuff, saw Among Us, played it, and shared it. Maybe the videomakers saw it and started streaming it, showing off how good a streaming game it is. Maybe Steam started recommending Among Us to everyone who bought the collection. Whatever way, Henery Stickman made Among Us famous.