Bonsai Barber

16 Dec, 2020

I've been playing this WiiWare game recently, and what follows are some thoughts I had.

All I knew before going in was that this was a good WiiWare game Nintendo published. I didn't know that it operated on daily check-ins.
The game is about cutting the hairs of antropomorphic fruit and vegetables, which are actually made of leaves and branches. You know, like a bonsai tree. You open the game every day and get a few customers to cut. You get scissors and a razor, and even a comb. You also get a camera for photos and a paintbrush with some colors to paint the leaves.

You are supposed to cut each customers' hair into a specified stencil (their choice or yours, sometimes it also specifies how you need to color it) and ring a gong when you're ready to finish. You can take as much time as you want, and can finish anytime. You are also graded on a 5 star rank for every haircut.

It's pretty fun! So far it keeps switchung things up and stay fresh. Its even become part of my daily routine. Honestly better at staying fresh than Animal Crossing (or at least just New Horizons).