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A MegaCollection Kit

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The dark and gothic nightmare of id tech 2

Official Expansions

Classic: Quake Mission Pack No. 1: Scourge of Armagon, Quake Mission Pack No. 2: Dissolution of Eternity

MachineGames Remaster Addons: Episode 5: Dimension of the Past, Episode 6: Dimension of the Machine

Source Ports

Based on this. Configuration can be found below.

vkQuake (uses Vulkan instead of OpenGL) and Ironwail (focuses on performance) are the recommended ones. Quakespasm (Spiked, fork with extra features) are the primary alternatives, and what the above are built on.

Super8 has 8-bit Software Rendering. Darkplaces can't run many mods, but is another alternative. Mark V is old, but replicates that classic look.

For Quakeworld multiplayer, ezQuake is ideal. nQuake is a preconfiguration of the former with some minor enhancements. FTEQW is an alternative, as is QRACK.

The official Steam release is done in the Kex Engine (Nightdive Studios) and also a good remaster. Also comes with the old DosBox versions they used to sell and a horde mode. This is how to connect to an alternate server with more addons.

Additionally, Quad Touch ports the engines to Android while Quake VR is for those with headsets, LibreQuake is an alternative to having the actual game files, and Quakestarter is a bundle of stuff to make playing and managing addons easier.


Quake Injector makes downloading mods and maps easy. Simple Quake Launcher 2 makes launching mods and maps easy. Qtracker is a server browser with a cool aesthetic, but I'm not sure it works nowadays.


Honey is a descent into poisoned sewers, and an official addon. Beyond Belief is an E1-style episode. The Quake Brutalist Jam is based around concrete and brutalist architecture.


Copper is a vanilla+ style gameplay refinement. Quoth adds monsters, items, and other stuff. Arcane Dimensions has new monsters and breathtaking environments. SUPERHOT Quake turns Quake into that time-based shooter. Quake 1.5 is a weapons mod with a few extra features. Slayer's Testaments is a total conversion demake of modern Doom. Team Fortress is the original famous class-based multiplayer mod. Killer Quake Pack is a highly regarded compilation mod. Kickflip Quake is a skateboard mod. Quake Rally is a racer. Air Quake 1 is flight combat.

Alkaline (Quaddicted thread) is a base mod and map pack based on Rubicon 2. Future vs. Fantasy was one of the first mods to add different gameplay to Quake. FortressOne is an open source fork of Team Fortress. Action Quake (AQ2) feature realistic weapons and inspired Counter Strike, and is on Steam as AQtion. Block Quake Lego-ifies everything. In The Shadows turns it into a stealth game. DMSP turns any multiplayer map into a singleplayer horde mode. TopDownQuake switches the game from first person to top down. Re:Mobilize adds grappling hooks, climbing, trampolines, and more.

Find More

Quaddicted is the central repository for maps and mods. Slipgate Sightseer is a newer, more modern website. Quaketastic is a file hosting site. Here's a recommendation list and a list of every mod compatible with the Steam release. Or just go through the official add-ons.


TrenchBroom for making maps. progs_dump (Youtube overview) to mod without code.

Other Sites

Quake Wiki, QWiki,,, QuakeWorld GFX, Goldrush, QuakeOne,, Quake Revitalization Project

Youtube: dumptruck_ds

Twitter: @quake_txt, @kristianduske (TrenchBroom dev)

Neocities: Dannarchy (Quake page)


Quake Now

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