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Excellent Freeware List

A big list of free games. No free-to-play games, only purely free programs.

A MegaCollection

I have not necessarily played all of these games. ★ marks things I personally have played and recommend. Please let me know of anything else I could add in the comments at the bottom.

More games can be found under the kits.


Cave Story ★ (Cave Story Engine 2 Archive) (NXEngine-evo) The iconic one.
Ikachan ★ Underwater squid metroidvania from the creator of Cave Story.
La-Mulana (Archive) MSX-like platformer.
I Wanna Be The Guy Remastered ★ ( (Original Site of IWBTG) The original masochist platformer, remade for modern systems.
Thrive Spore-like.
Endless Sky Space trading and combat.
Transformice (Steam) Semi-cooperative platformer MMO.
N Hyper-minimalist smooth platformer. There's also N++.
Space Station 13 ★ Role-playing game about a space station falling into chaos. Most popular game hosted on the BYOND platform.
Space Station 14 (Steam) Remake of Space Station 13 in development.
Deltarune ★ Might not be free once the rest of the game is out.
Off-Peak ★ ( (Steam) Walk around a weird train station and talk to people.
Butterfly Soup ( Butterfly Soup 2 ( Visual Novels about lesbian asians and sports.
Murder Dog IV: Trial Of The Murder Dog (Game Jolt) Mad crime visual novel.
Samorost 1 (Steam) ( Surreal point and click game.
Sprout (Steam) ★ Puzzle game about a seed on a journey.
Helltaker ★ Puzzle/VN game.
Of The Killer Series ( ★ (Gamejolt) Odd horror-adjacent comedy games. Walk around and weird stuff happens.
If On A Winter's Night, Four Travelers ★ (Steam) ( Point and click anthology.
Marble Blast ★ Classic Mac game.
SuperTux SuperTuxKart Linux ond open-source mascot games.
Minetest Open-source Minecraft clone.
Krystal Drop Magical Drop clone.
Façade Experimental marridge counselling. Type anything to say it and the AI will react.
The Looker (Steam) ★ Good parody of The Witness.
Yo! Noid II: Enter the Void ★ ( Pretty good 3D platformer.
Fontemon A whole videogame in a font.
Veloren Open source voxel RPG inspired by Cube World and Breath of the Wild.
[fr0g] clan official server 24/7 zk map (for stranger) Climbing downhill with FPS movement tech.
Crypt Worlds: Your Darkest Desires, Come True! (Game Jolt) Ultra weird world.
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Action and Arcade

Pink Heaven (Steam) ★ Demo of Kero Blaster with a different character.
Super Crate Box ★ (Steam) Hectic arcade platformer shooter where switching weapons gain points.
Ascii Patrol (Online) Moon Patrol inspired terminal game.
Open Surge Open source Sonic clone.
Mibibli's Quest ★ (Steam) ( (Game Jolt) Surreal Mega Man like platformer.
Iji Shooting platformer that changes based on your actions.
Hyper Princess Pitch ★ Mad top-down shooter in the style of Smash T.V. Describes itself as "...sort of a remake of DOS Operation: Carnage..."
Princess Remedy In a World of Hurt ★ (Steam) Shooter RPG bullet hell thing about healing people. Has a paid sequel.
I MAED A GAM3 W1TH Z0MB1ES 1N IT!!!1 (Steam) ★ The 2009 Xbox Live Arcade classic returns. Great song.
Alien Swarm (Steam) Top-down squad shooter by Valve designers who were mooders. Also a release of SDK for Source.
Alien Swarm: Reactive Drop (Steam) Community-maintained version of the above.
Moonring (Steam) Neon Ultima 4 like from the co-creator of Fable.
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The Battle for Wesnoth (Steam) Open source turn-based strategy game.
Unciv Open-source version of Civilization V.
Zero-K (Steam) RTS with 100+ units and terrain manipulation.
Warzone 2100 0 A.D. Widelands Open-source RTSes.
Beyond All Reason Maximalist RTS based on Total Annihilation.
Mindustry (Steam, paid) ( Sandbox tower-defense game.
openage Age of Empires styled open source RTS.

Also see Westwood's site and OpenRA in Classic.

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Contains both any original games available and any enhanced ports and spiritual successors.

The Elder Scrolls: Arena The Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory (All Steam) Bethesda's old games. Guide for Enemy Territory on modern systems.
Westwood RTS Games Free downloads for some of the Command and Conquer games.
The Most Officialest SkiFree Home Page! Contains a version of SkiFree for modern systems, by the guy who made the original.
OpenTTD (Steam) Open-source transport management simulation game based on Transport Tycoon Deluxe.
The Ur-Quan Masters Port of Star Control 2 (3DO version) to modern systems.
OpenRA ( Open-source recreations of Red Alert, Command & Conquer, and Dune 2000.
C-Dogs SDL ★ ( SDL port of DOS freeware game C-Dogs. Has community-made levels.
Moriya Shrine Fansite with prepatched English versions of all the Touhou games. (Their guide)
WinBolo Port of iconic Mac action strategy Bolo to Windows and Linux. Technically shareware.
Classic Gaming Arena Connect classic DOS games back online through DOSBox.
Ares Central Antares Site about classic Mac space combat RTS, with a modern port.
Escape Velocity Hosts modern ports for the classic Mac space RPG, for both the original and some of its total conversion mods.
Avara Port of the 1996 3D FPS.
Windows 7 Games for Windows 11 and Windows 10 ★ Adds back the classic versions of Windows games.
Myst Online: Uru Live Revival of Myst MMO Uru.
Boppin' Bizarre puzzle game. This version replaces all sounds with the original Amiga versions.
OpenJazz Jazz Jackrabbit source ports. Requires original data files.
Jazz2Online Jazz Jackrabbit fansite which hosts levels and other stuff.
JJ2+ Fan patch for Jazz Jackrabbit 2. Guide to getting JJ2+ with GOG
Commander Genius Commander Keen and Cosmos the Cosmic Adventure interpreter.
Rigel Engine Reimplementation of Duke Nukem 2. Requires data files, can use shareware version (how to get).
OpenJKDF2 Cross-platform port of Star Wars: Jedi Knight: Dark Forces 2. Playable in the browser! Requires game assets.
Fortress Forever (Steam) Spiritual successors to Team Fortress Classic and QuakeWorld Team Fortress.
cyber1 Preservation of PLATO/CYBIS/NovaNET era games.
Petz Installers yabiako Petz Universal Game Site Petz installers and resources.
Also see some of the websites in Find More.
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RPG Maker

Tales of Game's Presents Chef Boyardee's Barkley, Shut Up & Jam: Gaiden, Chapter 1 of the Hoopz Barkley SaGa ★ The iconic and infamous basketball RPG Maker RPG. Sequel to both this and Space Jam.
OFF ★ Alternate download (not Fandom, with additional links) ★ Famous old RPG Maker game.
Yume Nikki (Steam) Uboachan Fansite Infamous old RPG Maker game. Has a paid 3D remake.
Grimm's Hollow (Steam) ( (Gamejolt) Short and mildly spooky. Multiple endings.
Old/Lost RpgMaker Games - SegNin's Rare/Obscure RM Games Request Topic Handy place to find obscure games.

Also see: vgperson's site in Find More

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Ikemen GO "Remake of the IKEMEN (open source fighting games engine that supports M.U.G.E.N resources) in Google's Programming Language “Go”."
VSelect (Mirror) Edit MUGEN select screen with drag-and-drop.
Famicom Fighters ★ 8-bit styled 6-button fighting game.
Arm Joe Les Misérables (musical) fighting game.
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles X Justice League Turbo Impressive and has art and music by former SNK employees.
Pokémon: Type Wild (MyAbandonware) Made by former animators of the Pokémon Anime.
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NetHack (Online/SSH/Telnet) Rougelike about discoverability, known for the dev team thinking of everything.
Angband Classic one based on J. R. R. Toilken's world. Also see Angband Live in Web. (Other Site)
ZangbandTK Variant of Angband. Also see the Zangband website.
Desktop Dungeons ★ (Main Site) (Steam, enhanced) ★ Rougelike that's actually a puzzle game. Also has a paid remaster on Steam.
UnReal World (Steam, paid) Graphical rougelike RPG set in the Far North during the Iron Age.
Brouge: Community Edition (Site for old version) A more accessible traditional rougelike. Just download the community edition.
Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup (SSH/Telnet) Well-known open-source rougelike.
Slaves to Armok: God of Blood Chapter II: Dwarf Fortress ★ (PeridexisErrant's Starter Pack) ★ (Steam, paid) (, paid) The ultimate complex game. Generate a world, then look at its lore, live in it, or manage a fortress. Paid version has a built in graphical tileset and mouse controls.
DRL: Doom RougeLike Self-explanatory.
HyperRogue ★ Non-Euclidean, world is a hyperbolic plane.
Cataclysm: Dark Days Ahead Turn-based post-apocalyptic survival game.
Spelunky Classic ★ The first iteration of Spelunky. Rougelike platformer.
Ancient Domains Of Mystery (ADOM) (Steam, paid) (GOG, paid) Started development in 1994 and actively maintained since then.
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Rhythm Games

Stepmania NotITG Dance Dance Revolution clones/engines.
osu! Based on Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan/Elite Beat Agents.
Clone Hero Frets On Fire Guitar Hero clones.
YARG | Yet Another Rhythm Game Rock Band clone.
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Competitive/Multiplayer Focused

Xonotic ★ Open-source arena shooter.
Bitfighter Top down space arena shooter with level editor.
Liero Competitive worms deathmatch with grappling hooks.
Soldat Competitive 2D shooter with jetpacks.
Teeworlds (Steam) Online sidescrolling shooter with grappling hooks. Like if an FPS was a 2D platformer.
NEOTOKYO (Steam) (Mod DB) Futuristic Counter-Strike styled Half Life 2 mod with a godly soundtrack by the Deus Ex composer. Beginners guide.
Uchu Mega Fight ★ Pico-8 fighting game and spiritual successor to Joy Mech Fight (NES).
Ultra Fight Da ! Kyanta 2 (Steam) ★ Ridiculous kusoge fighter.
Melty Blood: Actress Again: Current Code Community version of a fairly beginner-friendly fighting game that can run on low end hardware, with added rollback netcode. It's the one that's played in funny places.
SSHTron Tron Lightcycles in the terminal with ssh.
Double Action: Boogaloo ★ (Steam) Third person Max Payne style shooter, complete with slowing down time, backflips, wallkicks, and so on, all in the Source engine.
Fistful of Frags (Steam) Western-themed Source engine arena FPS.
Hedgewars (Steam) Open-source Worms clone.
Mr.Boom Bomberman clone. Also available as a RetroArch core.
Duck Marines ( ChuChu Rocket with minigames.
Puyo Puyo VS Clone focused on online play.
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Free-to-Play browser games (where you can pay money) are listed under the websites section

Cookie Clicker ★ (Steam, paid) The ur idle game.
Melvor Idle (Steam, paid) Like if Runescape was an idle game.
Blaseball Fictional baseball simulator.
Tough Love Arena Simple fighting game.
Townscaper Demo No goals.
VGM Quiz Live music quiz.
Ocarina of Time Randomizer Sudoku ★ Zelda themed sudoku, with mechanics based on the game.
Jinteki Fanmade recreation of Android: Netrunner.
FreeCiv Civilization but open-source and in the browser.
lainTSX Recreation of Serial Experiments Lain for PS1.
Advance Wars by Web Advance Wars in the browser.
WAD Commander Play DOOM WADS in the browser.
PrinceJS (Github) The original Prince of Persia as a browser app.
Lode Runner HTML5 remake.
micropolisJS Port of Micropolis (Open-source SimCity) to Javascript.
PCjs IBM PC emulation. Does applications, too Games Almost all the Dizzy games.
Line Rider The original artistic time-waster. Also see Line Rider: Advanced in other.
Free Rider HD Like Line Rider but you can control the bike.
The Wiki Game Jump from one Wikipedia entry to another.
2048 Tile-sliding.
Wordle Daily word game.
Squabble Competitive Wordle.
Acrofever Acrophobia clone.
Lichess Libre chess server. Patreon subscription just adds a profile badge.
Kung Fu Chess Real time chess.
Dinosaur Game The Chrome no internet game with leaderboards.
Tak Online implementation of this.
A Dark Room ★ (Github) Minimalist unfolding text adventure.
Radüm (Github) Abstract strategy.
Gridland Match-3 survival.
PlayOK igGameCenter Various online board games. Hex and Havannah.
Chess Tempo Free chess.
ARMAGAD (also Tetrageddon Games) (Steam) ( (Gamejolt) "What the internet does to people"
Battle Of Flags RTS in beta.
Defender Of The Favicon Defender in 16x16.
Bemuse Web-based beatmania clone.
Space Awesome Oreagon Trail like by Font Awesome.
Fast Four Word Daily timed word game.
Stone Harbor ★ Interactive short story.
Lexy's Labyrinth Unofficial Chip's Challenge emulator. More levels available here.
Amnesia : Restored The 1986 adventure game by Thomas M. Disch and Electronic Arts with restored cut content and modern UI features.
Black Room ★ (info, Feminist dungeon crawler about browsers. Fan reimplementation of the now open-sourced TCG tactics hybrid.
Yume Nikki Online YNO Project Yume Nikki and fangames in the browser with online multiplayer.
A Little Game Called Mario ( (Github) Open-source thing where anyone can help develop or contribute. Melee meets Quake meets MOBAs.
Neurocracy Murder mystery told by falling down the rabbit hole on a future Wikipedia.
LikeWordle Database of games like Wordle. Officially sanctioned way to play old Sierra games online with others.
Angband Live The classic rougelike and a bunch of variants in the browser.
Slow Roads Relaxing procedurally-generated driving.
PlayPen Freely explorable and editable low-res pixel art world. Async or realtime board games about railroad corporations.
3D Pinball Space Cadet The classic Windows XP game decompiled and in the browser.
Joe Danger Both Infinity and Touch remastered and made free in the browser.
WebXash Port of Xash3D FWGS to the web. Basically Half0Life 1 and other Source Engine 1 games in the browser. Related: Xash3D ★ Mysterious adventure game. Crazy impressive technical achievement. Hosted on Neocities.
gamebutton arcade One-button games that live within HTML buttons.
Forumwarz Old RPG about trolling forums.
BlogNomic Online Nomic played a weblog.
TradeWars 2002 Legend of the Red Dragon Classic BBS door games. The Ultimate robotfindskitten Fan Site Super simple game with many ports.
Screwball Scramble Recreation of a classic children's toy. Simple boardgames with friends.
New Super Mario Bros. - Mario Vs Luigi Recreation of the multiplayer mode in the DS game with custom levels.
wipEout Port to browser.
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Another Metroid 2 Remake ★ Community Launcher Internet Archive Zip Remake of Metroid 2 GB Nintendo shot down, but you can still play it. Get the launcher, and give it the v1.1 zip. The launcher can also make an Android APK. Also has mods.
Power Bomberman ★ The ultimate Bomberman game, complete with online.
Rayman Redemption ★ Complete remake that makes the game so much better. Also has a level editor. And a place for those levels.
Mega Man Maker ★ Super Mario Maker for Mega Man. Comes with account system and in-game level browsing.
Mega Man Arena ★ Platform fighter that plays like Mega Man. Also comes with co-op boss fights.
Street Fighter X Mega Man ★ Officially licensed fangame for both of their the 25th anniversaries.
Super Mario War ★ (Forum mirror) (SMWStuff Reloaded α) (2.0 Fork) Famous open-source Mario multiplayer battle fangame with tons of custom stuff. I recommend getting the 2.0 fork. SMWStuff hosts more custom stuff.
Super Mario Bros X2 (X1) Extensive Mario fangame with level editor.
Psycho Waluigi Platformer about grabbing anything.
Zelda Classic Replica of The Legend of Zelda (NES). Extendable and moddable with new quests, music, etc. TV Tropes page lists some notable ones. Also available in the browser.
Super Smash Flash 2 ★ Well-known fangame.
Super Smash Bros. Crusade (Gamebanana) Another good Smash fangame. Has a modpack, Crusade Modding Community Plus.
Super Smash Land ★ Smash Game Boy demake from the guy behind Rivals of Aether.
Sonic Boll Mario-styled Sonic crossover platformer. Moddable (Gamebanana).
Chao Resort Island Standalone Chao garden.
Pokémon Showdown Battle simulator.
Command & Conquer: Twisted Insurrection Standalone mod based on the Tiberian Sun engine.
Sven Co-op (Steam) Half-Life co-op.
Merry Gear Solid: Secret Santa Merry Gear Solid 2: Ghost of Christmas Past Simpler, Christmas-themed MGS games.
Make a Good Mega Man Level Official site for the contest and games. Also includes guide for the Megamix Engine.
Ultimate Stunts Remake of the DOS game Stunts.
Faces of Evil and Wand of Gamelon Remastered Native PC remakes of the Zelda CD-i games.
Shang Mu Architect Freedom Planet level creator.
Croc: Legend of the Gobbos: Definitive Edition The PC version fixed and tuned for modern platforms with a bunch of extra features.
Cave Story Multiplayer Comes with mod support and custom characters.
Gang Garrison 2 2D open-source demake of Team Fortress 2.
Skylords Reborn Fan revival of BattleForge, EA's cancelled RTS/card game.
PokeMMO Fan-run MMO built from the original games. Requires Black/White 1 ROMs to play, along with other ROMs for extra content.
Final Fantasy Renaissance Remake of the original game in Unity. Includes mode that adds new stuff.
Manic Miners ( Unreal Engine remake of LEGO Rock Raiders.
Open Fodder Open Source port of Cannon Fodder. Full version requires retail release files.

Also see: Advance Wars By Web in Browser

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Mods and Fan Ports

Also includes custom servers.

THUG Pro ★ Total conversion mod with extensive custom content. Requires an install of Tony Hawk's Underground 2.
The Dark Mod (Mod DB) Standalone total conversion of Doom 3 into a Thief game.
Super Mario PC Port Central ★ Guides and tools to build the various versions of the Super Mario 64 PC port. Hosts sm64pcBuilder2, an easy way to build the game. I recommend SM64 Plus. Requires the original ROM.
Ship of Harkinian ★ Feature-packed Ocarina of Time PC port. Requires the version of the ROM released on the Gamecube. Download link requires joining the discord.
Zelda 3 Launcher ★ Easy setup for the A Link to the Past reverse engineering project.
The Apprentice Project Native PC remake of one of the best CD-i games. Requires an image/ISO file of the original game.
Earth's Special Forces Dragon Ball Z fighter and Half-Life 1 mod.
OpenLara Open-source Tomb Raider.
ET: Legacy Open source client and server for Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory.
FreeSO Reimplementation of The Sims Online.
Lemmini Java game engine for Lemmings. Requires Lemmings for Windows 95.
OpenXcom Open-source clone of the original UFO: Enemy Unknown/X-Com: UFO Defense.
Arx Libertatis Open-source engine port for Arx Fatalis. Requires original game files.
OpenMW Modern and open source game engine for The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind. Requires the original game files unless you want to play the original games made in the engine.
Daggerfall Unity (Github) Open source recreation of The Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall in Unity.
Anodyne Fan Remake ( ★ Fan rewrite of Anodyne based on the source code.
Severed Chains (Github) Legend of Dragoon ported to PC with Java. Requires original ROMs of all discs.
OpenGOAL ★ Ports for Jak and Daxter and Jak 2.
Donut Team Mods and mod launcher for The Simpsons: Hit & Run.
TS2 Redux (Github) Turns Homefront: The Revolution into a TimeSplitters 2 PC port by unlocking and enhancing that one easter egg. Requires Homefront: The Revolution.
Team Fortress 2 Classic ★ Reimagining the 2008-2009 era of TF2. Includes GRN and YLW teams and a new Civilian class for some modes.
Pre-Fortress 2 Like if TF2 had gameplay closer to the original Team Fortress, including grenades and armour.
Open Fortress ★ TF2 mod that turns it into an arena shooter.
Recommended Mods for Team Fortress 2 ★ Handy list.
Custom Team Fortress 2 servers Uncletopia, Potato's Custom MvM Servers, (Community), TF2Center (Competitive)
Northstar ★ Custom servers and modding for Titanfall 2.
Exult Modern recreation of the engine for Ultima VII. Needs original game files.
Hawakening Lets you explore the Hawken maps in singleplayer again.
Silent Hill 2: Enhanced Edition Modernization and enhancement for the PC version of Silent Hill 2. Requires the original game installed.
Resident Evil 4 HD Project Texture pack made from the original sources. For the Steam port.
07th-Mod Adds console voice acting and graphics to the PC version of Umineko and Higurashi.
Umineko Project Port of the PS3 version of Umineko to PC and other places. Requires original files of both PC and PS3 versions.
WipeOut Phantom Edition PC source port of WipeOut. Requires original PS1 USA disk image in bin/cue format.
ElDewrito Revival of Halo Online. Requires Halo Online 1.106708 ms23.
Overload Maps Maps for Overload.
Super Metroid (Alt) Paper Mario 64 Banjo Kazooie Mario Kart 64 Various Zelda games Goldeneye Perfect Dark (PC Port) Other N64 decompilations Miscellaneous decompilations. All decomps are not necessarily finished and require original ROMs.

Also see: The RSDK decompilations for the classic Sonic mobile ports.

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Make and Play

MegaZeux Like a modernized ZZT.
Knytt Stories + (Levels) (Recommended Levels) Platformer with level creator.
I Wanna Maker (Steam) Mario Maker for I Wanna Be The Guy.
Solarus Game engine for ARPGs (Zelda-likes). Launcher can download games.
BYOND Old platform for online multiplayer games. Famous for Space Station 13, Mitadake High, and Nestalgia.
VVVVVV: Make and Play edition (Page on official site) The official free level editor. Featured levels here.
Tomb Raider Level Editor The one from Tomb Raider V: Chronicles. Levels here and here. Lot of them standalone, too.

Also see: Mega Man Maker in Fangames

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The Unofficial Homestuck Collection ★ (Experimental web version) Special offline browser for reading Homestuck and related media as originally intended, complete with new reader mode that hides spoilers. Moddable, too.
The Powder Toy Physics sandbox toy.
Line Rider: Advanced Open Source version of the classic Flash art tool game. For more Line Rider, see browser games.
Skeal ( ★ (Web version) 5 minute Christmas-adjacent game.
YSFlight FlightGear Free flight simulators.
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Find More

FlashMuseum Flash games in browser through Ruffle.
Nitrome ★ Lot of flash games, emulated with Poki.
Open Source Game Clones Open-source remakes of old games.
Emulation General Wiki's Game engine recreations and source ports List of other source ports.
Awesome Game Remakes Open-source remakes of games.
Games on GitHub Open source games and game-related projects.
My Abandonware ★ Abandonware site, 1978-2010.
Abandonware games and movies. Games pre-packaged to work on modern hardware.
Zomb's Lair Abandonware pre-packed to work on modern systems.
Macintosh Garden Abandonware site, focus on Macintosh.
SCUM Games (Neocities) Games for the TempleOS. See also: TempleOS in Websites.
Flashpoint ★ 9o3o (Web version) Huge archive of Flash games and animations, and other internet plugins too. Host of a whole bunch of games.
Free Games vgperson Translated Some translated RPGMaker games.
Azusa 999 Translated PC-98 RPG Maker adventure game.
DOS Haven New homebrew DOS games. Old freeware DOS games.
Delicious Fruit IWBTG-style fangames.
TV Tropes List of Freeware Games Organized, also has links to other sites.
/v/'s Recommended Games Wiki Sorted by genre.
Glorious Trainwrecks Celebrating games with low polish.
Mac Source Ports Old games on new Macs.
Kliktopia Games made in Klik & Play, The Games Factory, Click & Create, Multimedia Fusion and Clickteam Fusion.
Locomalito Many retro-style games.
Arcane Kids ★ Fantastic Dreamcast-like games. For the games unavailable on their site: Perfect Stride ★ Crap! No One Loves Me
Cool Math Games Newgrounds Famous web game portals.
David J Prokopetz's Free Steam Games List by
games from the Indie Interregnum Games made before Steam but too new for By zaratustra.
Everett Kaser Software Logic and puzzle board games.
Freeware Remakes of Adventure Games Features remakes of classic games.
Shareware Game Developer Websites Various websites that are still active.
Neonaut's Freeware Games Page of Excellence Inspired what this page used to be called.
Bytemoth's Ways to Play ★ Another Neocities site with games.
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Freeware Guide

Suggest more in the comments!