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EUROPa is a different way to connect up and explore the World-Wide Web. It was started at Imperial College, London, UK on 1994-12-22 by Denis Howe <dbh@doc.ic.ac.uk> just to see how far it would spread. Problems or comments should be sent to Denis and the owner of the relevant page (if any). See below for how to join in.

Other links

Some (non-EUROPa) pages you might care to browse.

How to join in

To join in you need to be able to create your own Web page. Here's what to do:

  1. Invent a new URL to use for your own EUROPa page, something like "http://my.host.net/europa.html".
  2. Take a copy of the HTML source of this page using your browser's "View Source" or "Save as HTML" function.
  3. Replace all the "Owner of this page" names, e-mail addresses, etc. as indicated by the comments in the HTML.
  4. Put something interesting in the "Other links" section.
  5. Install the page on your Web server with the URL you gave.
  6. E-mail the new URL to me, the owner of this page (below).
  7. I will send back my latest "Next EUROPa page" link if it has changed since you took your copy.
  8. Update the "Next page" link in your page if necessary.
  9. Wait until you receive the URL of another new EUROPa page.
  10. Check the new page is OK.
  11. Send the owner of the new page your latest "Next page" link if necessary (and keep a note of it for yourself).
  12. Update the "Next page" link on your page to point to the new URL you received.

It is important to follow these instructions in the order given to ensure that the ring remains a ring. You may join the ring at any point but you may only join once. To this end, you should check that any URL you receive is not already in the ring by following the links back round to your own page. You should keep a private note of old "Next page"s in case your current one dies, leaving a break in the ring.