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Websites that host free games can be found in the Find More section in Freeware.


The Fighting Game Glossary Glossary of fighting game terms.
Nestflix Shows within shows.
Title Scream Gallery of title screens from 8 and 16 bit games.
Archiverse Miiverse Archive.
Consumer Aesthetics Research Institute A whole host of aesthetic styles.
Fonts In Use Database of fonts and where they're used. Archive of old text files.
The Chess Variant Pages Variants, versions, and alternate takes on chess.
Jazz2Online Jazz Jackrabbit fansite which hosts levels and other stuff.
KeenWiki Community Portal List of Commander Keen fansites.
Nuzlocke List of Pokémon Nuzlocke challenges. For info on Nuzlocke, see this explainer by the guy who originated it.
GUI Gallery Pictures of various Graphical User Interfaces
Kaomoji Japanese emoticons.
Three Hundred Mechanics Gameplay concepts. Everything you need for speedrunning, from leaderboards to resources.
TASVideos Tool Assissted Speedrun videos and community.
Mobile Phone Museum Charity with sortable gallery of old phones.
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Low-text Magazine Solar powered website. When you mistype
Aesthetic Compasses
80s/90s Explanation 2000s Explanation
Good Twitter threads on an intresting subject.
Sidetalkin Pictures of people sidetalking on the Nokia N-Gage.
CatCam Live feed of cats as images updating every minute.
Cyberspace and Time Website that functions like an OS.
Windows93 Quirky web OS.
Toki Pona Conlang with less than 200 words.
Ithkuil Extremely complex conlang.
Dopefish Official site of the Commander Keen enemy/reference.
Center for the Study of the Public Domain Duke Law School site about the public domain.
Vistaserv Neocities alternative.
Video Game Obsession Good-looking site.
SpeedRunsLive Tools to manage speedrun races.
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Blogs and Newsletters

50 Years of Text Games Newsletter about text games and interactive fiction. Completed.
Garbage Day Newsletter about the internet.
Tedium Blog about very specific topics.
30pin Online magazine about consumer technology.
The Obscuritory Lesser-known games.
Bad Game Hall of Fame Sincere examinations of bad games.
Critical Distance Curated videogame articles.
The History Of The Web Every entry adds to a timeline.
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Zonelets ( Blogging engine that works with Neocities (or other sites).
Piperka Webcomic tracking and bookmarking.
Teksti The above for web fiction.
LaTlmes Fake news link to rickroll generator.
The Death Generator Make videogame screens say anything you want. Create your own Ace Attorney objection and courtroom scenes.
JSKidPix Kid Pix but online. Alternative search engine that works differently from others, summarizes results.
NeoCities "Site to User-Profile" Tool Bookmarklet to jump to profiles.
Learn X in Y minutes Programming language tours. A lot of tools.
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Nightwave Plaza Vaporwave radio station.
Poolsuite Summer-themed radio station with Mac-style OS. Sells NFTs for extra features.
Rainwave Videogame music radio.
OverClocked ReMix Videogame remix community.
Webamp Github Winamp in the browser.
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Freenium Web Games

Non-freenium games are listed under the freeware list.

Fallen London Story and text based MMO-like. (Subscription and microtransactions, energy system)
Kingdom of Loathing Stick figure MMO. (Rewards from donations, energy system)
Board Game Online Obtuse, goofy board game thing. (Rewards from donations)
GeoGuesser Guess you Street View location. (Subscription)
AI Dungeon GPT-powerd infinite text adventures. (Subscription and microtransactions)
New York Times Crosswards Includes other games too. (Subscription) Chess site. (Tiered subscription)
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Homestar Runner The iconic web series.
You're The Man Now Dog The cause of many old memes.
Zelda 64 Reverse Engineering Project to decompile Zelda games.
Chao Island Chao fansite and information hub.
Hacks.Guide Wii Guide Hack your consoles.
Surfcity Background TV for the web.
CSS Zen Garden CSS showcase.
fuzzy notepad Notable for their CSS history writeup.
The Cutting Room Floor Unused videogame content wiki.
Hidden Palace Community that preserves videogame development media.
JJ2 Clan Ladder Lori Central Other Jazz Jackrabbit fansites.
John Doe Site made with only one HTML page. (Neocities)
TempleOS Religious operating system known for its infamous creator. See also: SCUM Games in Freeware.
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Websites to find more websites.

r/InternetIsBeautiful Subreddit about cool sites and tools, usually single-purpose.
Stumbled Stumbleupon spiritual successor.
Websurfer Similar tool. By Sadness.
Daniel's Network Search engine and directory for old-web/web revival sites.
Curlie Largest human-edited directory of the Web.
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