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Deltarune Speculation

Deltarune Speculation

Nov 1, 2021

Ever since Deltarune Chapter 2 dropped I haven't stopped thinking about it so here's some assorted thoughts. Spoilers.

This is a very old post, made before I made this blog.

Berdly will return

People have been wondering if Berdly will return or not due to the Weird Route, some believing that by having a route where he dies, he can't be too important to the story. I think the Weird Route proves he will be a little important. After all, it would be weird if an important character dies.

I only said he'd be a little important, though. He'll probably mostly be comic relief, like how he was in Chapter 2.

Potential Irony

Susie mistakes Noelle's crush on her as being onto them and the Dark World. What if Ralsei's crush is actually being onto Kris being possessed and/or dead? He already blushes based on the SOUL.

Sans could be in on the Vessel

I remember something about the Vessel creation sequence having unused strings that sound like a grocery shopping list. And we know how important unused strings are to the lore (tm).

Toriel might know about the Kris SOUL thing.

Not the full picture, of course, but might know that they rip it out.

Dess is severely ill

Enough to not be at home, but not dead. Based off a video about Noelle that also noted her line about everything in the Dark World being cured with a single spell.

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