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How I manage this website

Sep 20, 2023

hey, i haven't used this blog much at all. i don't really have much i want to write is the thing. i'd rather just add to the megacollections.

Introduction post

May 30, 2022

Hello and welcome to my blog. I'm using this to post and try out some stuff. I hope you find it comfortable.

Back On Animal Crossing

Jan 13, 2022

My island name is Populous I decided to restart my Animal Crossing: New Horizons save out of boredom, and so that I can see the new stuff. If anyone wants to help me, here's my Nookazon.

Deltarune Speculation

Nov 1, 2021

Ever since Deltarune Chapter 2 dropped I haven't stopped thinking about it so here's some assorted thoughts. Spoilers.

My Doomkit

Jul 19, 2021

I've been meaning to write this for years now and I've finally got the motivation. Here's how I play and organize Doom and it's many, many mods.

Banjo Kazooie

Jan 28, 2021

Bnjo Tried this on the Xbox One Rare Replay, but stopped before the end. So I tried to finish it as a podcast game. I got to where I stopped ...until I accidentally deleted my save file. So I had to do it all over again.

Kirby Plush

Jan 19, 2021


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